Memorial Day Done Vegan

I’d been looking forward to Memorial Day since the beginning of the year! It’s usually a day that calls for nice weather, good food and fun times. Since going vegan I haven’t really gotten a chance to cook for my family, convincing them that vegan food is tasty and flavorful.

That’s why my mind was somewhat of a scrambled mess when I made plans with my family. What do I make? Should I go savory or sweet? Maybe one of each? There were endless options of recipes I’d been wanting to try but at the same time there were the classic picnic dishes that I wanted to recreate. So here’s what I ended up with on my plate!

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What I ended up putting together was some macaroni salad, pulled mushroom sandwiches and LightLife Jumbo Smart Dogs. (I can’t deny a dog on a grilling holiday!) The baked beans were courteous of my mom who made a separate vegan batch.

Now for the macaroni salad, I vaguely followed this recipe. I had actually never made macaroni salad even when I wasn’t vegan so I did need a little bit of guidance. However after I realized the main ingredients, I did my own thing! I did use Just Mayo brand, which I was able to find a tub of at Market District. I then added red onion (which I soaked in water for about 15 minutes prior to adding to my salad to tone down some of the bite), parsley, dill, regular yellow mustard, apple cider vinegar, sugar, roasted red pepper, green pepper, celery and salt & pepper to taste. Of course it’s all a matter of tasting it as you make it to see what you need to add more of but overall, this stuff was bomb. I’ve been eating the leftovers religiously and my whole family loved it and was shocked that it was vegan.

As for the mushroom sandwich, I had been wanting to make these for a few weeks now but don’t have a grill at my apartment. I thought this seemed like a good option to make instead of a veggie burger since it was something a little different. I unfortunately didn’t have anything to smoke wood chips in on the grill so I let the mushrooms cook on the top rack of the grill as the recipe suggests and added liquid smoke into the bbq mixture when sautéing them. I do think that they would have turned out a little better had I smoked them in the grill, but hey…cooking is a learning process! Either way, these were also extremely good with the kale slaw to go along with them. My dad was very impressed by them and requested them for next time! (Although I may make something else next time I grill out because I love trying new things).

The last thing I made (which isn’t pictured and I never got a picture of it 😦  ) was Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding! I made the recipe accordingly, and then added more maple syrup at the end because lemme tell you…this stuff is rich. It needs some added sweetness and you most definitely need the coconut cool whip that is mentioned in the recipe. I didn’t make my own cool whip but rather bought the So Delicious brand. This was yet another hit with the family!

And there ya have it! My first time cooking for my family since going vegan and it was a success. I can’t wait to cook more for them and blow them away with how tasty vegan food can be. If you guys made some awesome things for Memorial Day, or in general, please share! Sorry this post is a few days late but at least it’s here 🙂

Happy Eating!


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